Leadership Communication
(11 – 16 years old)

As parents we know that our children are facing a unique and challenging world, very different from the one we grew up in. A world where soft skills like adaptability, resilience, upskilling, communications, empathy and an ability to redefine oneself are critical for their success.

  • Are we worried that they may not be able to face those challenges?
  • Are...

Pre-College Skills
(For 9th-12th Grades)

Is designed for teens. As early as 9th grade to 10th, 11th and 12th grade, our teens are preparing themselves to go to college and need to upskill and reskill themselves to meet their life and career goals.  They will need to, not only adapt to work skills but also to life skills that includes collaboration, communication, writing, working in...

Speak Like a Pro
(Ages 11-15 YO)

SPEAK LIKE A PRO is an online Public Speaking program for Pre-teens and Teenagers. The  program is designed with clear cut and easily applicable tools to help participants build stage presence,  speech writing and delivery skills to present to a virtual or live audience. Age appropriate topics are  innovatively intertwined with the essentials of Public Speaking, The Art of Conversation,...

Reading is a Super Power (6-9 years)
(6-9 Years)

An online, reading based program for 6-9 year olds to help build their resilience to meet all the challenges they face during their growing years.

Introducing The Reading is a Super Power (RIAS) – a communications program for children ages 6-9 years old. With schools starting and increased online time for our children, RIAS is a part time program where...

Learning Adaptability and Resilience in Kids (LARK)
(10 sessions across 3 weeks)

LARK is an online confidence building and life skills development program for adolescents and children on the brink on adulthood. The program is designed to help children build their resilience to meet challenges they face as they grow out of childhood and into maturity.

Age appropriate themes are innovatively intertwined with public speaking, blogging, creative writing, story telling, debating, group...

Ace Every Exam
(13 - 16 years)

ACE EVERY EXAM is an online module for students wanting to organise, plan and prepare themselves for success in exams. Success has a simple enough logic, the more you succeed the more you want to succeed. The same logic applies to failure. The important thing to remember is that a goal without a plan is simply a wish. As students...