College Prep (SAT/PSAT)

College Prep (SAT/PSAT)
(Online SAT/PSAT English Prep for 9th, 10th, 11th graders)

PSAT/NMSQT is a registered trademark of the College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corporation. In order to prepare for standardised tests and entrance exams like like PSAT and SAT, The Confident Communicator has created a specialised training program specifically for the The Writing and Language Test – The English Prep . These tests are meant for undergrad Colleges and universities to make admissions decisions. It is a measure of readiness for college and we are excited to help our students jumpstart their onward education journey.

Introducing Personalised Online SAT and PSAT coaching for Critical Reading and Writing, measuring key skills like reading comprehension, and clarity of expression.

Our experienced coaches will help students reach their full potential on the SAT exam. They will be teaching a batch of limited number of students to allow them to tailor the class to the students’ strengths and challenges.

In addition to working together to improve performance in the Reading and the Language sections, they will share numerous strategies and tips that will increase their confidence so students can conquer the test. Furthermore, they will spend considerable time with each student, preparing for the SAT Essay section which can be overwhelming and confusing for students who do not have a guide.


What is the novelty in the College Prep program?

* Personally researched and collated prep materials from a wide variety of the best materials available.
* Digital copies will be provided to the students to be used as workbooks and practice materials. Together with the online classes this creates a highly effective SAT review program.
*SAT prep is 15 sessions to be held once a week

*Students ideally should start preparing 2-3 months prior to taking the exam.
* These skills are very valuable when applied to high school English programs too
* Builds confidence in language and comprehension and also articulation. Helps students build confidence in their communication skills as they will practice the art of creating synopsis and abstract

Students from grade 9-12 may apply.


1. Sign up today – and get a head start that helps you know exactly what tools you’ll need to help your child ace the exam and helps getting a head start in high school English prep too.

2. Diagnose Skills Early: Our program helps devise a plan that is designed around your child’s particular strengths and weaknesses so you can build on those strengths and improve efficiently in weak areas.

3. Master the Instructions for Each Test Section – The more practice a student gets in a test-like environment, the better prepared they’ll be once they enter the testing room.

4. Take Advantage of Cutting-Edge Study Techniques.

DURATION: 15 sessions. 60-90 MINUTES each.

AGES: – 9th grade and above

FEE: – Rs. 15000 for 15 sessions

TIME: – TBD – Weekends only

VENUE: Online via Zoom

Meeting link sent daily before class

Please fill separate forms to register multiple children


College Prep (SAT/PSAT)

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