Speak Like a Pro

Speak Like a Pro
(Ages 11-15 Years)

A full-fledged online program that teaches kids to overcome the fear of Public Speaking and learn the Principles of Effective Communication over the course of 8 days


Public Speaking is UNIVERSALLY dreaded!

The moment we feel the spotlight is on us, the fear of being judged and ridiculed starts creeping in.

This fear cripples us during the most crucial times – office presentations, meeting with the boss or the scariest of all moments – speaking on stage!

We all intuitively know that PUBLIC SPEAKING and LEADERSHIP is an essential life skill.

So why not master that skill early in life?

Having this skill would save the embarrassment that comes from stage fright, but also open up so many other avenues and opportunities.

A good Public Speaker will:

  • Make impactful speeches at school events
  • Express their opinion confidently
  • Participate in difficult conversations and debates willingly
  • Tackle awkward and nervous situations
  • Positively influence other kids
  • Break the ice and steer the conversation forward


Don’t you wish your child had the above skills?


Speak Like a Pro details

What we cover:

Getting comfortable with Speaking

We’ll start off with some communication activities for teens. Our students participate in ice-breaker activities with fun, easy, and interesting prompts to start their speaking journey.

Giving and receiving Feedback like a Pro

Peer feedback is one of the cornerstones of our courses. As our students deliver speeches to their batchmates and mentors, they learn how to give non-judgemental, constructive and empathetic feedback, while accepting, even seeking out feedback as the crucial step in the skill development process.

Delivering an Impactful Speech

They learn how to make communication effective by understanding an audience. Students learn this along with using hooks to engage, persuade and educate their audience; structuring their speech correctly, and using introductions and conclusions effectively

The Art of Debating

We know that encouraging children to debate regularly not only hones their public speaking and leadership skills, it does wonders for their confidence, improves critical thinking skills, enhances analytical skills, develops the ability to present evidence-backed arguments while working in a team environment.

Having Memorable Conversations

Conversations empower children and adults to build connections and networks crucial for long-term success. In the digital age, this ability to build memorable and lasting relationships is a skill that even adults struggle with.

Rocking the Elevator Pitch

How do you compellingly and impressively introduce yourself in 30 seconds or less? We take the fear out of telling others who we are and what makes us unique.

All of this at a steal deal of ₹2,800 per student.

Our Teaching Method:

All our sessions are INTERACTIVE 

  • Kids get to play around with FUN activities and prompts
  • They learn to let go of their fear of public speaking while having FUN
  • We give them FUN assignments and speeches that are exciting!
  • The class has brainteasers and games that are FUN while helping them become comfortable speaking to an audience
  • Parents receive a WhatsApp group update after every class.

Want to be among one of these proud parents and see your kid flourish with confidence?

Grab this opportunity and invest in your child’s growth!


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Speak Like a Pro

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