Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching
(Ages 18+ Years)

The large millennial workforce is known for job-hopping, but Gallup found that 87% of millennials value professional development and career growth opportunities in their jobs. This process has begun at a much earlier stage where students, early jobbers, even middle – upper level management is looking to reskill and upskill and establish a carefully curated growth path. Hence every personal coaching is different. We engage with clients to identify and analyse their requirements, and then create a customised plan to train them achieve their soft skills goals.

Who can apply?

Senior and Junior level executives looking to enhance their personal brand; early or first time jobbers looking to sharpen their resume and interviewing skills; Students applying to colleges who need help build their resumes, edit college essays, engage in group discussions and interviews; Women who are looking to re-enter the workspace.


We undertake a very personalised approach to this program based on the individual client’s requirement. We initiate the program with a training needs analysis to thoroughly understand the client’s needs. Accordingly we determine the number of sessions needed. A Personal coaching program will include a holistic approach to Soft skills which will then hone into a customised, need based program for each client. Soft skills are transferable skills that apply in any situation in personal as well as professional fields. These include interpersonal (people) skills, communication skills, listening skills, time management, empathy, positivity, problem solving, critical thinking and conflict resolution. We help set goals, reflect on their ability and attitude toward their life goals and help them create a plan to execute those goals.


Personal Coaching

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