Ace Every Exam

Ace Every Exam
(13 - 16 years)

ACE EVERY EXAM is an online module for students wanting to organise, plan and prepare themselves for success in exams. Success has a simple enough logic, the more you succeed the more you want to succeed. The same logic applies to failure. The important thing to remember is that a goal without a plan is simply a wish. As students go to higher grades, the challenge of competitive exams and the stress associated with it, makes it imperative that students have a plan to deal with exam pressure. At The Confident Communicator we have three proven techniques that can help any student who is looking to succeed in exams.


Studying for an exam does not have to be a high pressure situation. With adequate planning, study goals, organising oneself and staying consistent helps sort out not only your study goals but also gives you ample of time for your hobbies which is equally important. Ace Every Exam is a 2 hour module that will help students set goals, plan and organise themselves for their school assignments, tests and exams. This short but critical course will help students understand themselves, programme their minds for success, set their progress targets, crack the exam process and embrace success whilst balancing their study and personal interests. The course promises to be fun and at the same time soul searching. Students will reflect on many aspects of their own mental makeup and create a plan that fits with their own abilities, drive and pace. Each child is unique and has qualities and abilities that they bring to the table. Our goal is to hone in those qualities and abilities and enable success.


Ace Every Exam

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