My Life My Way, a Personal Journal

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(4 reviews)

My Life My Way, A Personal Almanac aimed at empowering women of all ages chase their dreams, plan and organize their goals, track their schedules, habits & ideas, and get inspired and motivated to start living their dream life. It is also a beautiful, keepsake memory book to look back with nostalgia & pride at the accomplishments and triumphs, both...

Magic Mantras, Self Care Cards

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(12 reviews)

When you care for yourself first is when you can naturally care for loved ones, friends, families and others.

Self-care is a conscious act to promote your own physical, mental & emotional health. Practicing self-care is a purposeful and mindful engagement to enhance one’s personal growth and well-being. When you take daily steps to care for your mind and body,...

Box of Confidence, Gift Hamper

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The Box of Confidence, Gift Hamper is a fun, delightful collection of carefully curated products that aim to empower, bolster confidence and bring families and friends together.

  • My Life My Way, Personal Almanac,
  • Magic Mantras, Affirmation Cards,
  • Magic Mantras, Self Care Cards,
  • Conversation Cards for families,
  • Wally’s Words Vocabulary Cards for kids,
  • Stickers, Bookmarks, Magnets and more goodies.

Magic Mantras, Affirmation Cards

₹​ 750 ₹​ 650
(10 reviews)

Let’s face it, everyone needs motivation, to attract happiness and powerful thoughts that change our mindset from negative to positive. Affirmations are positive statements, that if repeated daily can help you overcome negative thoughts or self-sabotage; help you through challenging times and start making positive changes in your life. Affirmations can also help reduce stress and anxiety and hence are...

The Conversation Cards

₹​ 900 ₹​ 750
(5 reviews)

This box contains 100 quirky, fun, conversation cards that have interesting, thought provoking, imaginative questions and statements designed to connect families, friends and teams. These cards are a device-free option and provide thoughtful, insightful, empathetic and crucial topics guaranteed to spark fun & sometimes deep conversations that bring people together.

Wally’s Words, Vocabulary Cards

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Words are the currency of communication and improves listening, writing, reading and speaking skills. It enhances academic and social competence and confidence. Wally’s Words is a delightful collection of vocabulary words for kids ages 5-10 years.