Reading is a Super Power

Reading is a Super Power
(Ages 6-9 Years)

An online program for 6–9-year-olds designed to ignite the joy of reading. Through storytelling, art & craft activities, music, and fun games, our aim is to make them comfortable with speaking their minds and engaging in positive social interactions with peers!

This is an online INTERACTIVE program that is conducted LIVE:

  • From Monday to Thursday 
  • 1 hour each day
  • For 2 weeks
  • Total Cost: ₹2,800


Harry Truman once said, “All Leaders are Readers”. Every parent wishes that their child would willingly pick up a book!


Because, a well-read child:

  • Processes complex information and concepts easily.
  • Has an appetite for knowledge that contributes to mental development
  • Is empathetic and develops a high EQ. 
  • Has great vocabulary, precise grammar and writes well.
  • Can articulate thoughts and opinions confidently.   


Do your kids find reading BORING? Do they prefer watching TV or playing a video game over reading a book? Does it seem impossible to encourage them to read?

What if we tell you :

  • There’s an insatiable reader hidden within every child?
  • And, even the most reluctant child can and will transform into a reader with the right approach?

That’s the kind of transformation we bring inside our program!

What’s covered in the program

Our program focuses on five themes that are crucial for a child’s development. For each theme, we pick a children’s book, conduct activities, games, and discussions around the story to make the reading process fun and interesting!


  1. Language and Literacy

Focuses on helping kids explore their creative sides through storytelling and poem-writing. From writing book reviews to writing their own story plots, they learn how to articulate their thoughts well on paper! 

  1. Communicating Effectively

The activities in this theme are centred around verbal communication. Our students become comfortable forming and sharing their opinions. 

  1. Social Interaction

Teamwork is an essential life skill. Our students participate in various team-building activities, learn social etiquette and develop their soft skills.

  1. Exploring the World

We take our students on a virtual world tour in this theme, helping them understand the different cultures from all around the world. This session is filled with interactive activities, games and quizzes to help them expand their knowledge of the world.

  1. Confidence Building

The stories we tell ourselves are what hold us back from reaching our true potential! We help our students smash their limiting beliefs, face their fears and become confident in their uniqueness. 

Our Teaching Process

Our teaching is highly INTERACTIVE! We ensure every student gets the chance to speak up and share his/her views on the topic being discussed. 

We help each student develop the love of reading by:

  • Adding fun activities to support the story 
  • Having honest interactions with each student 
  • Engaging and interacting constantly to make them feel heard

Parents are always in the loop through the class updates via the WhatsApp group.


Who we are


Reading is a Super Power

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