The Confident Communicator

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Our mission is to empower every customer to become the best version of themselves through our training, coaching, and products, and prepare them for all future changes.

Everything we do is designed to encourage and enable you to believe in your personal power. Once you believe that, every goal is attainable and every dream is within reach.




"Our kids are grappling with the pressures of social media, stalking and seeking instant gratification, and it is our duty to help them rise above these influences and empower them to build positive self worth, and resilience."

"The Confident Communicator is built on the foundation of empowering others. Our philosophy and vision rests on the idea that every child, every person needs a champion."

Two friends who had known each other for 30 years met for a delightful lunch. They shared stories of laughter and joy and disappointments, as all good friends do. They exchanged ideas, news about their families, especially their kids. They spoke about their struggles and their glory. They shared one more thing - their work. One, a soft skills trainer, changing the mindsets of adults to help them reach the zenith of their potential. The other, a volunteer, inspiring young, underprivileged college students to communicate, set goals, dream of a better life, and chase those dreams.

Over a cuppa, an idea emerged, as it usually does, of starting a company to empower kids to achieve their dreams with confidence and great communication skills. They agreed that our schools help kids reach heights of unparalleled academic success; but are behind in encouraging creativity, innovation and confidence. They wanted to build a safe space for kids to fail. Because, kids who know how to fail and get back up are the ones who will succeed at life! They called their new venture, The Confident Communicator!

Seven years went by in the blink of an eye! In their excitement they never looked back, just charging forward towards their goal to empower as many youngsters as possible, helping them become resilient, determined, strong, decisive, great communicators and empathetic leaders.

Along their journey, they met the mothers. Women who dreamed big. Achievers. Leaders. Caregivers. Stalwarts. Homemakers. Professionals. Romantics. Pragmatists. "Can you do something for us? Can you help us (re) capture our dreams? Can we be mothers and managers? Can we be homemakers and hell raisers? Can we, in short, have it all?"

And, the friends said, "Yes. Why Not?" It is to those women that the friends dedicate this Almanac – a planner that will record their journey towards their dreams; available to thumb through with nostalgia - a comfort during low days, an inspiration during happy times.

Make it yours. Use it to record your successes, your ups, your downs. Use it to document that "Yes – you can have it all."

Great goals, Great friends and Great ideas make Great Companions. The founders of The Confident Communicator, Deepma and Sima, will continue on their path not resting until they stand behind many more students – the young and the not so young. Because everyone needs a champion!

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