TCC Quick Tips Videos by students of The Confident Communicator

TCC Quick Tips Videos by students of The Confident Communicator

Quick tips on Communications Skills and Confident Building by our very own students

Wanted to share this Article written by one of the esteemed Judges of our Quick Tips Contest ????????

(Our Judges – Food Blogger Archana Doshi , National Geographic Photographer Arati Kumar-Rao, Author of 8 books Sudha Gopalan Nair, World Scholars Cup Debate Judge Rajesh Prabhu and Creative Writer Deeksha Verender)

This weekend, I had the privilege of being a judge in The Confident Communicator’s quick tips challenge. Past TCC students were given the opportunity to send in a short video of themselves giving a speech about topics such as ‘The essentials of a good speech’ or ‘The importance of empathy in communication’.

The first thing I thought, while watching these videos, was that the caliber of performance from these children, ranging from ages ten to fifteen, was a completely unexpected, delightful surprise. My memories of public speaking at that age are confined to awkward, stammering PowerPoint presentations and faltering poetry recitals. What the children displayed in this competition was a wonderful combination of confidence, courage and self-assurance. They believed in what they were talking about, and they completely intended to continue to use it in their lives.

Soft skills, as a child, isn’t something you pay too much attention to, and bringing them to a child’s focus using this competition was a great idea. Using the opportunity of speech making and public speaking to allow a child to think about how failure can actually benefit you, or ‘breaking the self-doubt habit’ is a wonderful way to impart a sense of self-confidence and motivation. Tanaya Mehta, for example, said that in order to break the self-doubt habit, ‘you have to respect yourself, believe in yourself, and don’t compare yourself to others’, which are qualities that even adults struggle with at times.

The competition also allowed the children to showcase their own creativity. Nandini made a light-hearted, entertaining skit in the form of a list about goal setting, interjecting it with jokes, amusing examples and excellent vocalization. Manish, on the other hand, decided to lead by example, showing us the importance of failure by demonstrating solving a rubix cube.

Kavya, our winner, highlighted how failure benefited her, using some extremely poignant advice from her father. Each video had a charming, animated tone to it, emphasizing each child’s individuality and thought process.

I definitely think that the contest allowed the children to introspect, research and demonstrate what makes a speech good, what their particular topic can offer them, and how they can use it in their everyday life. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to watch their videos, and if you have the time, you should definitely go to TCC’s youtube channel and watch the whole speeches as well.

Presenting here a short mash up of the finalists!  Do visit our YouTube Channel at https://youtu.be/P7gVvk2RZAY

Our other Judges – Archana Doshi Arati Kumar-Rao Sudha Gopalan Nair Rajesh Prabhu

Thank you all once again!