RTL (Readers To Leaders)-Online Live Training Communications Program for 8-10YO

RTL (Readers To Leaders)-Online Live Training Communications Program for 8-10YO

The Confident Communicator is excited to launch a special program for our not so little ones – to put that smile back on their lovely faces, and the spring back in their step!

Introducing The Readers to Leaders (RTL AT YOUR OWN PACE) – a communications program for children ages 8-10YO. With schools starting and increased online time for our children, we have decided to make RTL a part time program where the kids continue to benefit from the reading & communications program and spend less time online.

At ages 8-10YO Children are advancing toward adolescence. Peer friendships start to become very important in their social & emotional development. A growing sense of independence and a growing confidence to solve problems and risks taking emerges. They are tackling more responsibilities and routines and learning how to relate to peers, adjust to social rules, and evolve from free play to more elaborately structured interactions and expectations. At this age they can also become discouraged, which may lead to being shy in public performances.

Research indicates that children who feel good about themselves can fend off negative peer pressure and make better choice. Healthy friendships are very important to your child’s social development. Peer pressure begins and kids learn to cooperate in group settings and group games. They dislike being alone. To effectively influence future choices and social outcomes, they need to engage in more positive social interactions. Children grow more independent and have a growing interest in friends. The RTL teachers will be part of their exciting journey.

Our program focuses on five important themes critical for the development of kids ages 8-10YO.

1. The Language and Literacy
2. Communicating effectively
3. Social Interaction
4. Exploring the world
5. Confidence building

Class format includes:
Story/ activity enhancing language development
Activity (enhancing cognitive development)
Activity (enhancing creative development)
Reco of the day (Home assignment)

Twice a week, kids will be engaged in award winning stories, poems, vocabulary enhancing, communicating effectively through presentations, story writing, craft, DIY activities, random acts of kindness, exploring the world, history, debating, general knowledge topics, environmental sustainability, and communication games and interactive activities – all online – thus maintaining the norms of physical distancing yet enhancing social connection.

All these mind boggling activities in one class? Is it really possible? Yes it is! Keeping in mind their age group, developmental milestones and attention span, experts in the education field have finely curated this program.

What are you thinking? Hurry up and enrol now! We can’t wait to see them once again and restart this fun filled journey with your lil ones!

RTL Team

Sign up today – and watch your little ones blossom once again in a fun and safe learning environment.

This a 5 weeks learning program with 1 hour long sessions.

AGES: 8 – 10 years

FEE: Rs. 300 per class (Total cost Rs 3000) Please ask about our referral discount!!

DAYS & TIME: 10 Sessions – WED & FRI @ 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm (DATES UPDATED ON FORM)

VENUE: Online via Zoom

Meeting link sent daily before class

Please fill separate forms to register multiple children

A new Zoom class link will be sent out every class with password. All precautions w.r.t locking the meeting room, requiring permission to enter, only host can share files etc have been taken to keep our children safe.