Box of Confidence, Gift Hamper

Box of Confidence, Gift Hamper

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The Box of Confidence, Gift Hamper is a fun, delightful collection of carefully curated products that aim to empower, bolster confidence and bring families and friends together.

  • My Life My Way, Personal Almanac,
  • Magic Mantras, Affirmation Cards,
  • Magic Mantras, Self Care Cards,
  • Conversation Cards for families,
  • Wally’s Words Vocabulary Cards for kids,
  • Stickers, Bookmarks, Magnets and more goodies.

A collection of fun activities and goodies for all in the family.

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The Confident Communicator continues to create products that focus on empowering families and friends.

Box of Confidence is a collection of our educational resources, almanac and more, wrapped in an exclusive gift hamper box. Together they not only enhance academic and social confidence and competence, they are also fun, entertaining and lively and designed to bring our laughs while learning.

My Life My Way

A Personal Almanac aimed at empowering women of all ages chase their dreams, plan and organize their goals, track their schedules, habits & ideas & get inspired to live their dream life. See more.

Wally’s Words

A delightful collection of vocabulary words for kids ages 5-10 years. See more.

Conversation Cards

100 quirky conversation starters designed to connect families, friends and teams. See more.

Magic Mantras, Self Care Cards

60 Self-Care cards are designed to help you with creative ideas for daily practice. See more.

Magic Mantras, Affirmation Cards.

60 affirmation cards beautifully designed, to evoke positive feelings and an optimistic mindset. See more.

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