5 Ways to Build a Strong Resume

A great resume is essential whether it’s your first time applying for a job or you want to increase your chances of landing interviews for positions you’re interested in! 


One of the most crucial papers a job applicant will submit is their resume. In fact, your prospects of having an interview, getting a follow up, and even whether you get hired may be made or broken by your resume!


Your resume is usually the first point of contact that prospective employers have with you while you’re looking for a new job. It aids in conveying your strengths to potential employers and helping you stand out from other applicants. Building a strong and effective resume is crucial for those trying to land that dream job. But how exactly can you create a solid resume? 


Here are some pointers to aid you in creating a powerful resume.



1. Short and precise




Your resume needs to be able to speak for itself in order to be successful. Highlight your advantages while avoiding going into excessive detail. Personal information ought to be kept out of a professional resume. Make a brief outline of your qualifications and experience in the summary section at the top of your resume. Marketable skills and technical proficiency should come after this.



2. Make your resume unique




Consider the position you’re looking for before placing pertinent information first or emphasizing it more strongly. For instance, if you’re applying for a job in hospitality, your experience working in a contact center as a customer service representative may demonstrate your capacity to put the needs of customers first and deal effectively with stressful situations. However, if you’re vying for a position as a restaurant manager, it might be more appropriate to highlight your prior work in the sector at the top of your resume.


Making your resume stand out from the competition is the next stage. A unique arrangement, such as a vertical or horizontal resume format, is a must. 


Additionally, because it will be the first thing that people will read about you, make sure it is well-written and simple to understand. Along with making the resume appear professional, you must make sure that each item is pertinent and accurately represents your resume skills.



3. Well – written




Your resume must have a professional appearance and be simple to read and comprehend. Keep in mind that your future managers will also review your resume in addition to the recruiter. Make sure it is grammatically correct and emphasizes the accomplishments and abilities that you possess.


A resume should begin with a summary or a profile that includes pertinent information, such as the position for which you are applying, your contact information, and your educational background. 


The Internet has plenty of resources and possibilities for formatting resumes. Additionally, you can use resume templates to better arrange your data. There are several online resources for creating a strong, expert resume, as well as free tools to assist with formatting.



4. Highlight your skills




An employer should be able to tell right away from your resume how well you can fill the position you’re applying for. Action words stand out and get more attention – so use them to describe each of your skills, accomplishments and abilities. 


Instead of listing the duties you performed at each of your past positions, categorize your skills and arrange them into groups. This will provide you the chance to effectively emphasize some of your successes and persuade potential employers that you are someone they should consider hiring. 


Knowing the requirements that various firms have for their employees will help you focus on acquiring the necessary training and abilities. You will then be able to emphasize these skill sets in your resume and demonstrate your true abilities to potential employers. Concentrate on developing the abilities that are in demand and that you can accomplish ideally.



5. Do not lie 




Be truthful on your résumé. This may sound apparent, yet far too many job candidates succumb to the temptation to embellish or outright fabricate information about their prior employment. Be truthful if you want the job since someone will probably check before they hire you. Lying will demonstrate that you are not a qualified applicant.




In conclusion, create a resume that emphasizes your accomplishments, abilities, honors, hobbies, and why you’re qualified for the position you’re applying for. Your finest self will be showcased on a powerful resume, which will help you land the job you’ve been longing for.


So, these are some strategies you can use to develop a strong resume. Remember to practice your communication skills as well.

At The Confident Communicator, we can help you build a strong resume by excelling your soft skills relevant to your job. 


Deepma is a co-founder and trainer at The Confident Communicator, and is having the time of her life empowering children, teenagers, women, corporate executives, friends and family live their best life. She helps people become effective in the art and science of communication, build their self esteem, and conquer their deepest fears. She conducts training programs in Communication Skills, Leadership and Assertiveness for young adults and corporates, and has co-developed several products in line with the Company’s mission of Empowerment. "Our kids are grappling with the pressures of social media, stalking and seeking instant gratification, and it is our duty to help them rise above these influences and empower them to build positive self worth, and resilience."

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