The Online Dilemma for Kids

Over the last few weeks we have had the immense pleasure of interacting with children through our online reading program TLC (The Learning Continues). We started the program with the intention of instilling the joy of reading.

Why is reading important?

  • Develops cognitive skills.
  • Helps children think critically and communicate more effectively.
  • Stimulates their creativity and strengthens their ability to focus and concentrate


In an era of gadgets and online interactions both social and educational, reading is no longer taking precedence. Kids are getting addicted to video games and social media platforms. Moms are constantly pushing kids to read but in order to create that “addiction” for reading, we have to do more.

How do meet the challenge of making sure our kids read while balancing the excess exposure to online presence?

According to Rohini Nilekani an Indian writer, author, educator and philanthropist who works relentlessly to create and strengthen communities, instead of banning online classes ‘we allow the flourishing of experimentation and innovation, that will enable the system to learn rapidly and deploy that knowledge equally quickly.’ (Read more).

Our goal is to continue to innovate and create more programs that not only cater to the developmental needs of your children but also helps them build their resilience, their ability to adapt and their courage to meet all the challenges they will have to face during their growing years.

Concerns such as, time spent online, interacting with different teachers, reading new material, trying out challenging activities all are valid and puts us out of our comfort zone. However as parents we have to teach our children to meet those uncomfortable challenges, to step out of their comfort zones and try new things.

Staying in the comfort zone keeps you from three things (Read more)

  • Stops you from growing and “the joy you feel moving towards your potential”.
  • Keeps you from trying new things, “stops the discovery process altogether and keeps you from finding what you have a passion for”.
  • It conditions you to settle.


So let us adapt and engage our children into this new phase of online learning, where they flourish in the idea of experimentation and innovation and become stronger individuals, geared to meet the challenges of life.

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