Word Worms

Word Worms
(Ages 6-9 Years)

This program is designed for our young readers ages 6-9 YO.  We believe reading is a critical skill and a superpower every child must possess and vocabulary is an important component of their developmental success.

The goal of this program is to focus on vocabulary instruction which in turn helps students learn the meanings of many words so they can communicate effectively and achieve academically. The idea is to help our young readers build vocabulary skills using word association, say, write, apply, recognise and reinforce technique.

Children will enhance their language and grammar skills whilst enjoying activities like reading, art/craft, music and movement and language fluency activities. They will learn new words through fun games, build strong communication skills through listening, writing and speaking confidently. All of this whilst having fun through music, movement and art, the two essential components of learning that lasts.


This program is designed for our young readers ages 6-9 YO.

“The National Reading Panel (NICHD, 2000) identified vocabulary as one of five major components of reading. Its importance to overall school success and more specifically to reading comprehension is widely documented.”

Research suggests that vocabulary learning follows a developmental trajectory and is a crucial component of reading instruction.  Frequent exposure to targeted vocabulary words, explicit instruction of targeted vocabulary words and questioning and language engagement can accelerate young children’s oral vocabulary development, making it an important building block for learning.

During the course of this 90 minute program, children will:

  1. Building Vocabulary – Using word association, say, write, apply, recognise and reinforcing techniques
  2. Enhance their Language skills and grammar (adjectives, antonyms, synonyms, alliterations, nouns, pronouns, sentence construction and cohesion)
  3. Learn Reading, decoding and Language Fluency
  4. Will indulge in Creative and Imaginative writing and Story Telling
  5. Strengthen their communication skills and learn how to Speak Confidently
  6. Learn new words through fun games
  7. Have fun with Art, Craft & Music
  8. Use learning techniques like Working Memory and Attention using Flashcards
  9. Enhance their Listening and Writing skills
  10. Build Strong Communication Skills through active interaction with our teachers


Word Worms

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