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The Leadership Communication Course was designed to provide youngsters a safe space to create their own personal narrative. To find their authentic voice. To feel empowered to articulate it well and with confidence. To accept failure as a stepping-stone to success. To help them visualize their goals and dreams and come up with incredible solutions for problems our generation has neither encountered nor envisioned! We are here to provide our container of experience to help them deal with an education system engineered to judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree.

We do all of these through a series of public speaking, team building, communication skills, and leadership oriented activities. The children learn in a fun environment. They are empowered to voice their opinions, while developing the listening skills and empathy to accept others’ opinions as equally valid. They learn to live in a world of contradictions. They learn to accept some of our solutions, to re-define other problems and come up with their own out-of-the-box solutions – and they’re learn to communicate and sell these to a world that will have no choice but to listen and buy-in!

This is the generation that wants to live in, and will create, a whole new world built on shared experiences, opinions and collaborations. And, we will proudly proclaim that we were part of their journey!