Kids say the smartest things

Kids say the smartest things:

So, while being a silent facilitator at one of L.A.R.K classes; I realized how much potential and calibre these uncorrupted, and ignited minds had in them. Kids all across the country ranging from the age group of 10-15, huddled for a Zoom platform were attending Public Speaking and Confidence building workshop and ironically, they taught me a valuable lesson of ‘Loving yourself for who you are!’

It all started when they were asked a simple question as to ‘Which animal they related to in terms of their Personality and Why?’

So while some said that they were like a Horse as they love to eat ????, there were others who were like a Dog, because…….no not because dogs are ‘loyal’, as we all would think; but because they felt that the dogs had an emotional quotient that they all could connect with. Imagine a 10-year-old saying that! (I surely wasn’t that enlightened at 10…actually not even at 20 ????). This is not all, yet another child could relate their personality to a Turtle; (such deplorable, slow animal …some of you might be thinking…No?) Yes, she liked being a turtle because she knows she is SLOW and she likes it like that. By being slow she is able to imbibe and assimilate knowledge in all its depth. Amazing! Isn’t it? Wait that’s not all, we had parity with cow parrots & wait what do I hear…Chameleon? Holy Christ! Are these kids out of their mind? A child could relate herself to Chameleon as her father had a transferable job and she was hopping from one station to another, mixing with the newer crowd and getting used to new set up and adapting herself well to every situation. Don’t you think these kids are far more intense and deep thinkers than us. Well, certainly they are…. than me!

Then, a cute little voice asked me “Ma’am which animal are you?” And even before my mind could think, my mouth blurted out ‘Camel’. Yes, a camel, as my friends called me so, as I was 5 ft 7 inches tall even in my 5th grade! I used to sulk and complain while being called a camel and learnt how to slouch a lot to fit into my group of friends. But hey, wait…these kids just taught me to be proud of what we are, so I thought again and said ‘Yes, I am a Camel, and Yes, I am Tall, but I want to stand tall and prove my calibre and expertise in whatever I do!’ and I am happy to stand apart from the crowd! Isn’t it amazing how kids made me realize this basic truth?

Well, that is what The Confident Communicators workshops does to the minds of these little talents. They groom these minds to be confident about what they are and not pretending to be someone else. The inner potential in each child is recognized and harnessed with their creativity adequately channelized. The BIG complain however that kids have is….‘Ma’am can you please make these classes longer ????”

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