The Conversation Cards

The Conversation Cards

₹​ 750.00

This box contains 100 quirky, fun, conversation cards that have interesting, thought provoking, imaginative questions and statements designed to connect families, friends and teams. These cards are a device-free option and provide thoughtful, insightful, empathetic and crucial topics guaranteed to spark fun & sometimes deep conversations that bring people together.


Are you tired of family time being “Moody, Melodramatic, & Monosyllabic?” Put down your gadgets, Pick up a Conversation card! It is guaranteed to spark fun & sometimes deep conversations! You can enjoy these cards with friends, family and work teams.

Top Five Reasons to get started

1. Eat. Laugh. Talk

Engage your kids into having stimulating conversation at mealtime. This builds children's confidence, self esteem and in turn boosts academic performance.

2. Let’s give them something to talk about

These conversation cards creative a narrative that engages the family, teaches kids solve problems together, encourages good decision making, sparks empathy and understanding and inspire gratitude within the family.

3. A perfect recipe for family conversation starter where

  • Views, ideas, thoughts, opinions are shared and exchanged
  • Voices are heard
  • Families Connect with each other, parents listening, kids also talk
  • Warm and Fuzzy feelings
  • Sharing & Caring for each other
  • Reduces Stress
  • Vocabulary Improved
  • GROD: Helps Get rid of Devices
  • Fosters Cooperation and understand
  • Brings families closer

4. Break ice

Reduce stress and bring families closer, cross barriers in communication through a fun filled family activity

5. Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas in the world, families together tell stories

These conversations boost histories of each family member’s own stories, promotes collaboration, emotional engagement and a having fun