6 Tips to Master a Placement Interview

One thing needs to be prepared for when working on final year projects and exams: the placement interview.


It matters how someone gets ready for their very first job interview. Placement interviews give students access to real-world experience. A pupil who is unfamiliar with this technique could not understand how the entire process works.


Therefore, a student who is going to an interview needs to be aware of a few things. Here are a few easy things you can take to improve your performance in the interviews.



1. Research the Company


Do extensive study on the business you will be attending for an interview. Knowing your employer’s objectives and successes is important.


For instance, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and other sites can teach you more about the business. You can develop answers about your job role by conducting a study. 


Before attending a job interview, it is always beneficial to research the interviewer and the organization to anticipate some of the interview’s potential questions.


2. Create a compelling resume


You can briefly introduce yourself in your resume. It should include big headlines showcasing your most significant academic accomplishments and your standout extracurricular activities. Write a clear introduction and keep your resume brief, ideally between one and two pages. Add pertinent qualifications and experiences that fit the job description. 


A concise resume that includes all the pertinent information about your professional background to date is quite useful. 


Spend time and patience when creating a resume. More essential, write it down several times and then tweak it until it is clear and concise. To construct your resume, you can always get assistance from working experts and your tutors.


You may create a professional resume with the aid of services like Canva that help with resume building.


You can check our blog – 5 ways to make a strong resume.


3. Be Prepared


Mock exams and typical interview questions that you can find online will help you prepare for placement interview questions. Consider your speaking style as you respond to each query.


With the assistance of your friends, do practice interviews. Additionally, to increase your credibility in group conversations, constantly speak up and make your point important.


Beginning and ending are crucial components of anything in life, including interviews. The interviewers nearly always assess whether or not you are qualified for the position based on how you start the interview. Your last impression is requested after the interview, and evaluation follows right away.


The first three minutes of your interview are crucial, so pay attention to them. These next three minutes will be critical.


Speak in well-structured words and pay close attention to your body language. Your half-work is finished if these three minutes go smoothly.


Whether or not your performance during the interview met expectations, it is still polite to thank the interviewer. This is also a chance for you to express your interest in the position. So do it.


4. Correct body language and attire


You will always receive points for having appropriate body language and business attire. Not only will your knowledge of your field of expertise be examined, but also how you conduct yourself during the interview.


Warmly welcome the interviewees. If you extend a firm handshake to them, that’s good and appreciated. A firm handshake conveys warmth and vigor. Candidates are advised by experts to project a mature appearance. Being a little flawed is okay. Nobody is perfect after all. Your smile conveys a wonderful personality.


For a job interview, formal attire is advised, but you are not required to wear an expensive suit and tie that you don’t already own or cannot afford.


5. Be on time 


Arrive at the location 30 minutes before the event’s start time. Being too early is preferable to being too late. Make an effort to look your best for the interview. Always be aware of the company’s dress policy and wear appropriate attire. Your first impression is formed by your motions and demeanor.


Nowadays, a lot of interviews take place online. Make sure you are presentable and have a reliable internet connection in a welcoming environment.


6. Manage the stress level


Being anxious before or during a campus placement interview is quite normal. Although it is completely acceptable, keep your anxiety from potential employers. To gauge your level of confidence, recruiters may attempt to confuse you. Don’t lose confidence by becoming perplexed. Take care to control the pressure.


Keep all these things in mind for any placement interviews. These few recommendations are potent enough to support your standing as a formidable prospect. Always remember to maintain eye contact, smile politely, and discuss pertinent topics during the interview.


Deepma is a co-founder and trainer at The Confident Communicator, and is having the time of her life empowering children, teenagers, women, corporate executives, friends and family live their best life. She helps people become effective in the art and science of communication, build their self esteem, and conquer their deepest fears. She conducts training programs in Communication Skills, Leadership and Assertiveness for young adults and corporates, and has co-developed several products in line with the Company’s mission of Empowerment. "Our kids are grappling with the pressures of social media, stalking and seeking instant gratification, and it is our duty to help them rise above these influences and empower them to build positive self worth, and resilience."

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